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Delve deep into a cavernous Norse prison of the future, and unearth a mysterious tale of power, fate, and the Gods themselves.

A frail old man has been trapped for hundreds of years. The time has finally come for him to escape. Take command of powerful telekinetic abilities to bypass highly advanced security measures, carefully sneak past vicious cave-dwelling beasts, and fight your way through robotic Valkyrie sentinels in this enthralling puzzle-adventure game.


A voice from the darkness guides you onwards as you journey deeper underground, and closer to the truth that awaits. Uncover the old man's past and possible future, the history of the prison, and tales of those that dwell in the vast subterranean system.


Smash, fling, and tear your way through the world using intuitive, one-touch control of potent telekinesis.


Encounter curious inhabitants of the subterranean system, such as fearsome trolls and savage molewolves.


Gorgeous, sprawling low-poly environments and rich sounds create a vivid, legendary atmosphere.

** ROK is optimised for iPad 4 & iPad mini 2 and above. **

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